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Thank you for visiting GITS International Pty ltd. We have worked hard to provide our customers with a bridge to new technology.

Our goal is a worldwide customer base, so we will propose optimal Web solutions for both national and international audiences. Our experience in Australia, as a multiracial nation, has provided us with solid ground to ensure global relevance and capabilities.

We started out by providing business planning and marketing consulting services for internet content, such as landing page creation and management. Today, in order to deliver useful and relevant information to our global customers, including Japan and Australia, our focus is targeted on the operation of internet media.

The number of people using the internet is rapidly expanding. In 2013 the figure is estimated at 2.3 billion users, with that number expected to increase to 3.6 billion by 2017. It goes without saying that internet marketing will become a crucial business tool. Globalisation in general and expansion of the internet in particular, suggest that the ability to disseminate information throughout the world will accelerate at a rapid pace. With that in mind, now is the time for overseas expansion. Limiting your focus to domestic consumers might mean missing out on some incredible business opportunities.

With the widespread reach of the internet, we can easily network with people all over the world on a single device. Online shopping for goods and services is easy and safe using overseas cloud services and internet payment facilities. For this reason companies will be able to expand their customer base overseas rather than focusing solely on domestic clients. While traditional marketing strategies will still play an important role, the trend will slowly start shifting them to a more global focus.

Working from our experience in Australia, a multiracial nation, we offer optimal national and international web solutions.

Our goal is to excel in the global business arena and to provide services that will allow you to target both individual and corporate customers. By constantly contributing to the globalisation of business, we will create products that have no borders, available to customers worldwide. So don’t miss this chance to move forward with us! By choosing GITS, you choose success, and we will help you reach your goals. We may be young as a company, but with your continued support there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

Kei Hirata

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