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Logo Portfolio

Here you can see more of our impressive track record of design with our company logos that we’ve created in the past.


Perth Working Holiday

We have carried out the design of the corporate logo for a local agent that makes arrangements for school and study procedures in Perth, Australia, and also arranges tours called “Perth Working Holidays”.



We also created the logo for the GITS Repair of PC • iPhone repair service. We have used a simple design in blue. It is designed to demonstrate business activities and be memorable at a single glance.

Character Portfolio

Here, we introduce some of the characters that we have designed.


Character for portal site

We created a character for the portal site for Cambodia called “Newt”. We created the figure modelled off of a newt living in Cambodia that is wandering around the mango groves.

Other Design portfolio

Here we are introducing various other elements that we have designed in the past.


Gift Vouchers Design

We designed a gift voucher for a creative Japanese restaurant in Perth that marks the 10th anniversary of “Nine Fine Food”. We have created the image to be cool and chic, reflective of the restaurant’s reputation and style.

This portfolio includes only a few of the websites that we have worked on, published, designed, launched, and maintained.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to see any other websites, or if you’d like more details on our other projects.

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