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Web portfolio

This portfolio introduces some of the web sites that we have developed.


Perth Japanese Consulate

One of our most prestigious projects allowed us to help create new content for the site of the Perth Japanese Consulate. From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ web template, we created additional slides for the top page and organized the directory of each page as well.


Yoyaku dot com Australia

We were asked to renovate a web site that books tours throughout Australia, called “Yoyaku dot com”. Staying within the initial design of the website, we performed a large-scale development and expansion on the tour-booking site, making it far more user-friendly and successful.

Rottnest Express

We helped “Rottnest Express”, a company that sells gift vouchers, to create a site. We carried out the complete regulation of their system, edited the top site image, and adjusted the layout of the whole site.


Oceania Cruise

We were responsible for the design adjustment of the top page of the cruise company, Oceania Cruise, web site that organises cruising around Rottenest Island. We have developed a script to slide the image to the top of the page.

altitude / Estatequest

We were responsible for producing the Japanese version of the website, which is a real estate network of Western Australia’s highest “altitude”. We have handled all of the web development (direction, design and coding) leading up to the website release.

Japanese Association of Western Australia

We were employed to perform the maintenance of the web server of the Domain Administration Institute of Western Australia, the “Western Australia Japan Club”. We also handle the system for the e-mail newsletter.


Nagomi Japan

We completed the web design for a website that sells Japanese-style “WASHITSU” across Australia called “Nagomi Japan”. We worked on this project from the very beginning, including initial design all the way through release and launch of the site.

Landing page Portfolio


altitude Real Estate

We created a landing page for a real estate investment company in Perth, Australia. We created both the Japanese and English versions of the page. We were in charge of both design and coding for this project.


Global human resource development program

We created a landing page for the “d.o.a Australia” planning of a “global human resource development program”. We are in charge of everything involved in the site since the launch.

This portfolio includes only a few of the websites that we have worked on, published, designed, launched, and maintained.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to see any other websites, or if you’d like more details on our other projects.

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